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Taking my babies to go and see Santa at the #HouseOfMarbles today. Yes, I know it's early but we have a good excuse.

Reusable Christmas Crackers - Zero Waste Lifestyle - Gypsy Soul

In my quest to reduce the amount of waste we produce this Christmas I have come across several zero waste alternatives that I’d like to try out.
One of those alternatives is...
http://www.gypsysoul.co.uk/reusable-christmas-crackers-zero-waste-lifestyle Keep This Cracker

How Can New Builds Become Greener than Ever? - Gypsy Soul

How Can New Builds Become Greener than Ever?
Over the last few decades, green homes have come a long way. Building an eco-friendly home is no longer something off-the-wall artists do on TV programmes like Grand Designs, it’s something...

My co-worker has no idea about personal boundaries! 🤣😂🤣

What to do in an Airport if Your Flight Has Been Delayed - Gypsy Soul

What to do in an Airport if Your Flight Has Been Delayed
Delayed flights are no fun at all. However, unfortunately, it has become a commonplace problem, and frequent fliers will tell you that they are regularly detained longer than...

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I appreciate that this is ridiculously early but how gorgeous are these reusable Christmas crackers! I can't wait to use them. Find out more on my blog soon #zerowastelifestyle

Would you like to get some extra cash for Christmas?
I've just started using an app called Shoppix and I'm loving it so far!
You simply take a picture of your receipts to collect tokens.
You can then exchange your tokens to claim rewards from your favourite retailers.
Personally, I'm going to exchange the tokens for cash into my Paypal account. There's also Amazon, iTunes and Love2Shop vouchers available.

You can find out more about the app here - https://www.shoppixapp.com

If you do decide to start using it then if you use my referral code BVNRMNS5 when you first sign up you've got the chance to get an extra 200 tokens.

Would you use an app like this?

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How do they always just seem to know when you need a hug 🐶 #DogLife

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Lovely #Autumn dog walk today 🐶

I've just read a really interesting chapter in my book about our relationships with others.

British anthropologist Robin Dunbar proved a theory that when social groups get too large they break up. In short large groups are hard to maintain.

Dunbar calculated the size of social groups that humans could cope with. His number was 150. This is now known as Dunbar's number.

After further research, he discovered that we tend to have 5 people who are closest to us. That number is often immediate family and our partner.

The next group contains 15 people, then 50, then 150.
It's the first 15 people that help to make us feel happy and fulfilled in life.

If you increase the quality of those relationships, meaning your 15, that will have a direct effect on your overall wellbeing.

My question to you is 'Do you know who your 15 are?'

How To Create your Own Christmas eCards - Zero Waste Lifestyle - Gypsy Soul

How To Create your Own Christmas eCards – Zero Waste Lifestyle
In preparation for Christmas, I have been researching ways that we can reduce the amount of waste we produce. I have a whole list of things I’d like to try, one of the things on that list is...

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So this is rather yummy! 😋

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Love this place 😍#Lunchtime #FarmShop #Devon

Switching to a Safety Razor - Zero Waste Lifestyle - Gypsy Soul

Switching to a Safety Razor – Zero Waste Lifestyle
I know I’ve said it before but zero waste is a journey. Once you decide that you want to live a more sustainable life it takes time to make the necessary changes to achieve that.

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My #zerowaste beauty routine is coming along, after LOTS of trial and error!

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Trying out these new #crisps tonight. Anyone tried them before?

Looking to buy ethical and sustainable Christmas presents this year? From natural beauty to Fairtrade foods and everything in between the Ethical Superstore has everything you need.

Get £4 off your order at Ethical Superstore when you spend £60*
Use promo code: X4BTM Expires 30/11/2017, this is the official promotion code for November, single use only.
http://tidd.ly/3aba63fe (Affiliate link)

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Happy #Halloween 👻

Let the decorating commence 👻

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Anyone else eating pumpkin soup today? #PumpkinSoup

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Don't forget to save your pumpkin seeds for roasting #Yummy http://www.gypsysoul.co.uk/how-to-roast-pumpkin-seeds-3

Think I'm going to enjoy this section in my book 📚

Pumpkin picking at Riverford

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Attempting to grow out my fringe. It's driving me nuts!!! #GirlsNightOut #DuckFace #TooOldForSelfiesButDontCare

Clear Out Unwanted Items & Make Money - Gypsy Soul

Clear Out Unwanted Items & Make Money
Decluttering your entire life is a tiresome journey. I find I have days when I’m really productive and get rid of bin bags full of items. I then have other days when I look around me and feel like crying...

Someone is cozy 🐶

On that Elusive Good Night’s Sleep… - Gypsy Soul

On that Elusive Good Night’s Sleep…
These days sleep and hygiene are two words on everyone’s lips and I can tell you that even a gypsy soul needs its beauty sleep! So here are some thoughts, tips and musings on this decidedly hot topic….

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Spiced apple mocktails in the 'not' a Harry Potter bar in Exeter

Natural Ways to Settle an Upset Stomach - Gypsy Soul

Natural Ways to Settle an Upset Stomach
Most of us suffer from an upset stomach from time to time. It can be tempting to reach for over-the-counter medications in the hope of easing the discomfort, but are there more natural solutions to help calm your stomach?

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After a very unhealthy weekend this is very much needed!

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So much colour on one table #MermaidParty

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Fun #mermaidparty food

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Funky fruit centrepieces for our daughters #MermaidParty

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Had the kiddies party now it's time for the grown up party 🎉 (in the leftover mermaid lagoon)

The Pizza Cafe

A local restaurant in our town has ditched plastic straws #Yay

How to Save Money on Contact Lenses - Gypsy Soul

How to Save Money on Contact Lenses
Saving money at home is a big passion of mine. We are always looking for new ways to reduce our monthly spending whether it be by cutting down on our food shop, reducing our outgoings or switching to a better deal.

Box number 2. Wish me luck! 😫😳

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Loving our new egg poacher #HealthyBreakfast

Earlier today this box was full to the brim with photo albums. I have been through every single photo and made digital copies of all of them! It's one of the hardest things to declutter but so glad it's done. Now just to tackle the other 4 boxes 📦

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Homemade natural all purpose cleaner. Testing it out over the next few weeks #zerowaste

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Party bags done! #MermaidParty

How To Get an Eco-friendly Kitchen and Save Money - Gypsy Soul

How To Get an Eco-friendly Kitchen and Save Money
Whenever we buy anything new there will always be a GHG footprint related to that item including manufacturing, transportation and delivery. It’s almost impossible to not leave carbon footprint but there are certain things we can do to reduce ours.

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Having fun making the decorations for the girls #mermaid lagoon party 🎉

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