Our Minimalism Journey So Far - Gypsy Soul

Our Minimalism Journey So Far
Minimalism is different for everyone. There is no one box fits all. For me, it’s about creating space in our lives for the things that really matter.

When I think of minimalism I focus on the following…http://www.gypsysoul.co.uk/minimalism-journey-far

Sweatpants & Coffee

Love this!

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Sunday lunch with family today #GoodTimes

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Ready for a day of training with the guys from #Google #DigitalGarage

Homemade Natural Deodorant Tips from the Experts - Gypsy Soul

Homemade Natural Deodorant Tips from the Experts

Switching to natural beauty products can be a frustrating journey. Just when you think you’ve finally cracked it, it all seems to go wrong again. My previous... http://www.gypsysoul.co.uk/homemade-natural-deodorant-tips-from-the-experts

Sign the petition

I've just signed to show my support for the creation of bottle deposit return schemes across the UK.

It would mean a lot to me if you’d add your name - you can sign here: https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/bottle-deposit-return-ef

Every day in the UK, 35 million plastic bottles are used and discarded. Almost half of these are not recycled and many of them end up in our oceans - killing marine life and threatening fragile ecosystems.

Deposit return schemes work by placing a small deposit on a plastic bottle, which you get back when you return it.

The more bottles that are returned, the more can be re-used or recycled, reducing the amount that ends up as litter, in our oceans and in landfill.

It only takes a minute to get involved.

5 blogs sobre Minimalismo

Happy to be featured on the blog Just Smile
A roundup post - 5 Blogs on Minimalism

Here’s me aged 1 eating a biscuit on my birthday.
Every child deserves the chance to grow up to be whatever they want to be. But in the developing world, cancer robs children of the simple gift of growing up every 3 minutes.
That’s why I’m supporting @WorldChildCancer to give the #giftofgrowingup.
Donate £3 and share your throwback pic to do the same. Will you join me? https://www.worldchildcancer.org/donate

I Did A DNA Test - Find Out What I Discovered - Gypsy Soul

I Did A DNA Test – Find Out What I Discovered

Researching my family tree has been a hobby of mine for over 5 years now. In that time I have made lots of exciting discoveries about... http://www.gypsysoul.co.uk/i-did-a-dna-test-find-out-what-i-discovered

The kiddies had great fun at the International Agatha Christie Festival today.
Highlights included creating their own crime scenes, searching for clues on the Agatha Christe mystery trail and getting their faces painted.
Keep an eye out for our review coming soon.

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and a tiger 🐯#FacePaint #theshorely #IACF17

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She's a unicorn 🦄 excellent face paint and so quick! #theshorely #IACF17

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Face painting time. We're going for a unicorn 🦄 and a tiger 🐯 @cometellmehowyoulive #theshorely #IACF17

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Searching for clues on the Agatha Christie mystery trail @cometellmehowyoulive #theshorely #IACF17

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Lunchtime! Naughty crepe with Nutella and banana #Yummy @cometellmehowyoulive #theshorely #IACF17

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Making our own crime scenes @cometellmehowyoulive #theshorely #IACF17

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Digging for treasure in the archaeologist area @cometellmehowyoulive #theshorely #IACF17

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Loving my new safety razor now I've got used to it! #ZeroWaste

This weekend The Shorely is sending me and the kiddies to the International Agatha Christie Festival at Torre Abbey.

Lowenna is really looking forward to the potion making and Henry is excited to do the Agatha Christie Mystery Trail.

You can follow our adventure on my Gypsy Soul Facebook page and Twitter.

Thinking of going to the festival with your kids? Check out my family guide here - https://www.theshorely.com/home/2017/9/11/the-family-guide-to-iacf

Went to the newly opened The Cauldron Inn Exeter for lunch today.
I cannot wait to take the kiddies here. The boy is going to love it!

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Loving the decor at the #CauldronInn in #Exeter

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Having lunch at the Cauldron Inn in #Exeter today!

6 Tips for Saving Money on Food - CNUK Frugal Foodie Campaign - Gypsy Soul

6 Tips for Saving Money on Food – CNUK Frugal Foodie Campaign
Cutting down the cost of our weekly food shop has been a mission of mine for over 3 years now. We’ve tried various different... http://www.gypsysoul.co.uk/6-tips-for-saving-money-on-food-cnuk-frugal-foodie-campaign #AD

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Anyone else have a co-worker that insists on sitting on your lap?! #WorkFromHomeProblems

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#TeaTime hmm choices...

The boy came home from school today all excited because he has homework to do. We'll see how long that lasts! 🤣

10 Tips For Formatting Your Blog Posts From Pro Blogger Gina Caro

Looking for tips on how to format your blog posts?
Check out my guest post over at Ginger Marketing

Today was the last day of our adventure in Torbay. It's been quite an experience! Watch out for our review from a family perspective coming soon on The Shorely.

The Tale is running for another 2 weekends in September and then never to be seen again. For more information check out the website - https://the-tale.co.uk

Here's a snapshot of what we got up to today...

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We've come to the end of our adventure! It's been quite an experience. Keep an eye out for our review soon #TaleTorbay #TheShorely

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Last stop of the day and we have no idea what to expect next! #TaleTorbay #TheShorely

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Sitting on a rock listening to the sound installation at Berry Head Quarry. The whales are our favourite. #TaleTorbay #TheShorely

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Certainly haven't seen anything like this before! Beyond the Breakwater by Claire Cunningham #TaleTorbay #TheShorely

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Onto the second day of our adventure and it's wet! Looking like the sun is trying to shine through though. #TorbayTale #TheShorely

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#LazySundays are the best. Having a rest before our adventure starts again. Our first destination today is Brixham.

Kimora Chanel

These all look amazing! I'd be quite happy to eat any of them

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We're now members! ;) #TaleTorbay

Wow! What a day. Here's a snapshot of our journey of discovery across Torbay today.
We're all exhausted now but looking forward to another day of fun tomorrow.
Find out more about The Tale here - https://the-tale.co.uk
#TaleTorbay #TheShorely

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It's amazing the things you notice when you slow down and actually take in your surroundings #Torquay

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Next stop the Paignton Picture House #TaleTorbay #TheShorely

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Beacon Cove #TaleTorbay #TheShorely

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The adventure continues! #TaleTorbay #TheShorely

The adventure begins! First stop is Torquay Museum #TaleTorbay #TheShorely

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All ready to go on our adventure today #TaleTorbay #TheShorely

Excited and slightly nervous about our upcoming weekend adventure. We're going on our first adventurous arts event in Torbay.

The Shorely is sending me and the kids on The Tale, an immersive arts trail from Torquay to Paignton and Brixham

'A unique kind of arts trail, The Tale guides you on a journey of discovery around the coast of Torbay.'

'All the artworks & performances in The Tale have been created for locations across Torbay inspired by Philip Hoare. Exact locations & details of the works are kept under wraps until you start the journey.'

It's all quite mysterious and I can't wait to see what it's all about!
You can follow our adventure this weekend on my Gypsy Soul Facebook & Twitter.

I'll also be doing a takeover of The Shorely Instagram account which you can find here - https://www.instagram.com/the_shorely #TheShorely #TaleTorbay

5 Simple Ways You Can Be Eco-Friendly Every Day - Gypsy Soul

5 Simple Ways You Can Be Eco-Friendly Every Day
Taking care of the environment is a responsibility we are all born with, but very few live up to it. Fortunately, this... http://www.gypsysoul.co.uk/5-simple-ways-you-can-be-eco-friendly-every-day

Sustainably Stylish with emerging Lifestyle brand Vênoor Living - Gypsy Soul

Sustainably Stylish with emerging Lifestyle brand Vênoor Living
I have learnt a lot so far on my minimalist journey. One thing, in particular, is that it’s far better to... #AD http://www.gypsysoul.co.uk/sustainably-stylish-with-emerging-lifestyle-brand-venoor-living

Greenpeace UK

Go on then how much plastic do you use?

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Giving these ago today. They smell nice not sure what they're going to taste like. Guess I'll find out...

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