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My new personalised stamper arrived today. My plan is to make my own business cards from leftover card/paper. These ones were made from the box that the stamp arrived in. #ReduceWaste #GreenLiving #EcoBussinessCards #GypsySoul

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Had a Winter #BoatDay yesterday. It was a beautiful day #Boating #WaterGypsy #cornwall

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#lowfodmap lunch for today and crafting in the background. #lowfodmapdiet #lunch #healthyeating

The Best Reusable Food Storage Bags - Stasher Bag Review - Gypsy Soul

Single-use plastic is a hot topic this year. If you are looking to reduce the amount of plastic you use in your home then I have the perfect product for you.

Find out more here - http://www.gypsysoul.co.uk/the-best-reusable-food-storage-bags-stasher-bag-review/ stasher

My Zero Waste Beauty Routine

New Video:
My Zero Waste Beauty Routine

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It is beyond foul outside today. It's wet, grey and miserable. We plan to hibernate inside all day. What are you up to? #WinterWeather #Cornwall #RollOnSummer

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Currently sat here trying to organise my day. Work has never been busier which is great but... when it's half term, you've got the kiddies at home with you, you've got deadlines to meet and a house to run it can all seem completely overwhelming. I find lists help me. What do you do to stay sane? #WAHM #MumLife #Overwhelm #ICanDoThis

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This one has hurt his paw and has been limping all day. He's felling very sorry for himself. I've no idea what he's done to it. I hate to see them in pain :( #Cavachon #dogsofig #dog

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#lowfodmap lunch today. #Yummy #lowfodmapdiet #Lunch

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Love this glass reusable coffee cup from #Teapigs. Non toxic and BPA free. #TeaTime #Tea #zerowaste #goingzerowaste #zerowastelife

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Really getting into our #LazySundays at the moment Got to pop to the shop later to get food for a roast but that's it. #SlowLiving #SimpleLiving

'As more people realise that more stuff does not equal more happiness, but that the best place to find status, identity, meaning and happiness is in experiences, we will witness the old age of materialism give way, I believe, to a new era of experimentalism.' From my new book Stuffocation by James Wallman

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My #capsulewardrobe is coming along (slowly). I reckon I could still get rid of some more bits. #Minimalism #minimalist

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Happy with my #PlasticFreeTea. With fully biodegradable teabags. Intrigued by the popcorn tea. Hope it's nice. #Teapigs #PlasticFree

What Is Carbon Offsetting And Why Is It Important - Gypsy Soul

What Is Carbon Offsetting And Why Is It Important
Find out here - http://www.gypsysoul.co.uk/carbon-offsetting-important

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Tonight's #lowfodmap meal. Seafood gluten- free pasta with white wine and chilli #lowfodmapdiet #glutenfree

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New book from the library today. Live Lagom - Balanced living the Swedish Way by Anna Brones #Lagom #Book #BookWorm #simpleliving

Everyone is Ditching their Disposables, We Share 6 Reasons Why - Gypsy Soul

Everyone is Ditching their Disposables, We Share 6 Reasons Why

The time has come, it’s the end of disposable menstrual products, Ruby, the founder of WUKA Period Underwear is here to guide you through to a greener, healthier and happier period


1 Million Women

The sequel to The Story of Stuff. 😍

Let's Lasso The Moon

This is exactly what I was talking about the other day with a friend.

Ethical Superstore has the widest range of products for a natural and sustainable lifestyle. As the front-runner of ethical shopping in the UK and Republic of Ireland, Ethical Superstore has over 5,000 products available from everyday grocery and household cleaning items to the very best in cruelty-free beauty products, Eco Fashion and Homeware.
Feel-good shopping has never been easier!

Get Β£8 off your order at Ethical Superstore when you spend Β£70*
Use promo code: X10AGF Use your code here - *http://tidd.ly/edd9eba0 *Affiliate

(Expires 28/02/2018, this is the official promotion code for February, single use only.)

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Slightly naughty #lowfodmap lunch today. Maple bacon with pineapple on sourdough bread. Very tasty!

How Nutrition Affects your Feet - Gypsy Soul

How Nutrition Affects your Feet
When you think about your nutrition and health, the chances are that you will associate what you eat with weight loss, heart health or diabetes. But, what you might fail to recognize is that what you eat will affect...
Read more here - http://www.gypsysoul.co.uk/how-nutrition-affects-your-feet

Feeling ridiculously sorry for myself today. Not only have I done my back in but I'm also deaf in one ear. Any top tips for unblocking an ear, it's driving me nuts!!! 😩πŸ˜₯

(Here's Charles trying his best to comfort me! 🐢)

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This niffy contraption is a Sonnenglas. 'Sunshine in a bottle'
Solar power technology in a mason jar.
It's a product from South Africa and originally developed for people in areas without electricity. #SolarPower #greenliving #Eco #masonjar Find out more on my blog soon.

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Egg & kale cups for breakfast this morning. Really tasty and easy to make and #lowfodmapdiet

...it then goes on to say...

A section in the conclusion part of the book I'm reading. - The French Art of Letting Go

Cultura Colectiva +

Has anyone tried this? I'd love to know if it actually works

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I'm on the 2nd day of using my new #alumstone as an alternative to deodorant. So far so good but I guess we'll see... #naturalbeauty #zerowaste #zerowastelife #ZeroWasteHome #goingzerowaste

Eco-friendly Canvas Prints & Wall Murals by Phototwall

I recently read an article that was music to my ears. It was about trends and what was predicted to be popular for 2018. The first trend was about consumers wanting to feel good about themselves. This included buying from ethical and sustainable sources. This made me very happy!

In short, consumerism is out and conscious consuming is in...

Read more here - http://www.gypsysoul.co.uk/eco-friendly-canvas-prints-wall-murals-photowall

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Our bedroom is coming along nicely πŸ‘πŸ» #BedroomMakeover #NewHome #BedroomDecor #Bedroom #GreyBedroom


I really need to start only buying loose leaf tea. Any recommendations for buying loose leaf green and mint tea online with minimal packaging? (UK)

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The garden makeover is under way. We're going for functional with minimal maintenance #GardenMakeover #Garden #OutsideSpace #gardenlife

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Hmm not sure about #sourdough bread. It just seems like stale bread to me. Is there a better alternative that I should be trying? #lowfodmapdiet

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#Lowfodmap approved smoothie with lactose free milk and yoghurt. It's tasty πŸ˜‹

When you finally make eye contact with one of the other mums at the new school and it looks like she's about to speak to you but then your son walks up to her son, proudly shows him his clear drinks bottle filled with orange squash and announces very loudly "It's my rabbits pee!"
The poor woman look horrified.
Yeah thanks for that Henry!

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I've had to start a #lowfodmapdiet for my #ibs. Just been in the library and found this! Looking forward to finding new recipes to try. Anyone else tried the low fodmap diet?

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It's a lazy, drink lots of tea kinda day

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Good to know #zerowaste #Lush #zerowastebeauty

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Stocked up on my #zerowaste beauty products last night at the #Lush bloggers event in #Plymouth. Trying out a different #shampoobar this time and also bought a conditioner bar too.

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Enjoying this one so far πŸ‘πŸ» #Books #Reading #BookWorm

OptiMum Frugal Blog

More good news! Are we finally waking up?

5 Best Ways to Power your Home with Renewable Energy - Gypsy Soul

5 Best Ways to Power your Home with Renewable Energy
There are several ways that you can make your home more energy efficient including...
http://www.gypsysoul.co.uk/5-best-ways-to-power-your-home-with-renewable-energy #GreenLiving #Eco

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We FINALLY have internet at home. Currently sat in the extension, doing work and listening to the rain beating down on the glass roof. Love that sound ❀️

Interesting passage in a new book I'm reading...

We are like the patient who continually claps his hands until the psychiatrist asks: "why are you clapping?" The patient then answers: "To chase away the elephants!" "But there aren't any elephants here," the psychiatrist answers. And the patient replies, while continuing to clap: "See, it's working!"

We laugh at this story without realising that we are all that patient clapping, that we constantly take up absurd, mechanical activities that are meaningless except that they give us the impression we're being active, when in fact we're being terribly passive. -The French Art of Letting Go by Fabrice Midal

6 Expert Tips to Reduce Wasteful Consumption

6 Expert Tips to Reduce Wasteful Consumption
Sharing my tips to reduce waste over on the Sugru website this week -

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